Licenses and Tournaments


Every angler aboard must have their fishing license with them or they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ABOARD.   This rule is absolute.   Below you will find links for obtaining licenses online for the states of Ohio and New York.   We recommend purchasing yearly licenses, as they are quite affordable, and the profits from each state benefit maintaining the fisheries.   Don’t be left at the dock because you didn’t purchase or bring your license.

Get Your Fishing License:

Ohio fishing license >

New York fishing license >


This page lists tournaments you can fish with Hook Charters.   We also can accommodate miscellaneous tournaments at the angler’s request.   Everyone on the boat MUST be registered in the tournament for the trip to be considered a tournament trip.   If a single person aboard is not registered, NONE of the fish caught will be eligible.    Documentation will be verified prior to leaving the dock.   In the event someone on the boat should be awarded winnings, Hook Charters is entitled to 15% cash compensation from the total awarded winnings.   For example, John wins $30,000 in the Fall Brawl. $4,500  goes to the Charter Company, and the $22,500 to John.   In most tournaments, whoever REELS THE FISH IN is entitled to be the fish holder.   Most parties aboard have an agreement to split the profits between the group, but that is the discretion of the anglers.

Spring Lake Erie Walleye Spring Fling

Spring/Summer/Fall Lake Ontario Salmon LOC

Lake Erie Walleye Fall Brawl